cat and dog surgeries in boca raton, fl

Cat & Dog Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

When your pet needs surgery, you can count on 441 Animal Hospital to provide the procedure they need with the utmost care and skill. Our veterinarian performs many soft tissue procedures while our veterinary technicians closely monitor your pet from start to finish. Our committed team is trained to minimize risks and maximize surgical outcomes in cat and dog surgeries. Call us today at (561) 482-5600.

cat and dog surgery boca raton, fl

Making Safety Our Priority

Almost every pet will go through veterinary surgery at least one time in their lives. Often, it is a routine spay or neuter, mass removal, or a foreign body removal. Regardless of your pet’s need, we perform the same safety precautions with every single cat or dog surgery.

  • Safety begins with pre-anesthetic blood work and a physical exam. This is a required step. It allows us to check for underlying issues that could interfere with the anesthesia.
  • Once your pet is cleared, our skilled technicians administer the anesthesia, under veterinary supervision, to your pet. We determine the appropriate anesthesia based on their age, breed, size, and health condition.
  • We set your pet up with an IV catheter that provides fluid therapy. This keeps them hydrated and regulates their blood pressure.
  • Our technicians monitor your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, pulse oximetry, respiration rate, body temperature, and more with advanced equipment. We cover every detail and even have dedicated staff who stay with your pet as they wake up from the anesthesia.

Cat & Dog Surgeries We Perform

Your pet could undergo a number of both routine and complex surgeries throughout their lifetime. At our hospital in Boca Raton, we perform a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures. For more complex surgeries, we can refer you to trusted experts in our area. Our veterinary surgery capabilities include:

  • Mass removals
  • Spay & neuter
  • Foreign body removals
  • Cystotomy (bladder surgery)
  • Splenectomy (removal of the spleen)
  • Gastropexy (stapling of the stomach to prevent bloat)
  • Basic ophthalmology (eye surgeries)
  • And more.

Interested in learning more about cat and dog surgeries and how an operation can help your pet? Please contact us today at (561) 482-5600 to set up an appointment!

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